Class Participation and Policy Classes

Class Participation and Policy



Your attendance and participation in class is required and roll will be taken. Class attendance will not be graded per se, but excessive absences may lead to reduction in grades and may result in your exclusion from the class.

Aside from being required by the ABA, class attendance is critical to your learning the material in the assigned readings as well as other aspects of the course.


You should be prepared for class. Preparation is important for at least five reasons:

  1. Preparation will help you learn the materials
  2. Preparation will make class time and learning more productive for everyone
  3. Preparation will help class run more smoothly
  4. Preparation is more fair to your classmates who have prepared
  5. Preparation is necessary to fulfill the class participation requirement

However, there may be times when you are unprepared, and you should notify me of such times. You should let me know whether:
A. You are not prepared to discuss the readings
B. You are not prepared to discuss anything

I will respect your notification regarding preparation, but excessive lack of preparedness will affect your grade.

Class Presentation 

Most classes will be conducted using the Socratic method, though some material will be better learned through lecture. We will be discussing the cases in your case book, as well as problems that arise from those cases.

I will usually select which students to call on during class, though I may occasionally ask for volunteers.


Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you have about class. I will usually not answer questions via email, but will instead address them (anonymously) in class.

Laptop Policy 

You may use your laptop in class so long as it does not distract any fellow students, and so long as it does not hinder your ability to participate in class. In all events, please position your laptop so that I can see your face during class.

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